Ice lantern

Create your own elegant ice sculpture to decorate your table! It is possible with the ice lantern; a mould to make a unique lantern of ice. You can place a t-light candle inside for decoration or use it as a fun ice ring to chill little bottles of beer, breezer or soft drinks. The mould comes with a stylish bowl with a stainless steel look that will collect the melting water. The mould is 4½ inch / 11 cm high and will fit in any freezer with drawers.

The mould is filled with water and placed in the freezer. After 12 hours the water is solidly frozen and the mould can be taken out. It has to acclimatize at room temperature for half an hour. Than pour warm water in the centre and after 2 minutes the ice ring will come out of the mould. The ice shape will last about 3 hours at 70ºF/20ºC.

There are endless possibilities to decorate the ice cooler by freezing it with ornaments, fruits, food colour dye, seafood, or simply put a t-light candle inside for elegant decoration.